About Us

Aboutus.jpgAs a coffee shop, our goal is to serving our customers with the best Yamani coffee and fresh home made cakes in the country, and provides a clean and friendly atmosphere where they can enjoy their coffee in wonderful musical environment and have internet access for their education.

And as a cultural center we want to introduce to our customers and those seeking education and cultural understanding of different world cultures, ways to expand their horizon and learn about other cultures and civilizations.

We full fill that by having books available to read and sell for our customers.

Having a bookshop where our customers can buy good educational books in both Arabic & English and we are planning in the future to have these books in German and French.

By hosting events where local NGOs working to improve the life of the people, that can exhibit their work to gain publicity and support for their work.

To host cultural events like music, art, book exhibits etc. to promote good and educational efforts.

We also a great team work in the coffee and we have our values team unity, trust, integrity and creativity. So we are ready to help and serve you.